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Updated version of the Open RuneScape Classic timeline

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:45 pm
by Marwolf
2018-06-01: The OpenRSC project begins.
2018-06-22: This discord is created.
2018-08-05: v1 of the framework is released with the ORSC world.
2018-10-15: v2 of the framework is released.
2019-05-04: Cabbage is released.
2019-08-16: v3 of the framework is released.
2019-12-20: OpenRSC Sprite tool is released.
2019-12-31: v4 of the framework is released.
2020-05-13: v5 of the framework is released.
2020-12-31: ORSC world rebranded as RSCPreservation, or RSCP.
2021-01-29: RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw are released.
2021-01-31: OpenRSC joins freenode.
2021-03-20: Open RuneScape Podcast begins.
2021-04-10: OpenRSC Model tool is released.
2021-06-02: Mudclient 177 support and first person view released.
2021-07-25: Website replaced and forum added.

August 2021: v6 will be released and OpenRSC will join

Mudclient 38 support and 2001scape