Open RuneScape Classic 5.7.1 has been released!

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Open RuneScape Classic 5.7.1 has been released!

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Jan 31st Patch Notes

**Bug Fixes**
- Added a fix for cameraauto, should default to 1 for new players
- Updated some tutorial island NPCs that had isMembers: 1 to have 0
- Updated shop buying and selling constraints to max 65535 and "traditional" cert opt-out feature
- Reworded the message of the banker NPC to be authentic
- Tutorial Island bed will no longer disable XP gain on fatigue disabled servers
- Fixed the amulet slot as it was swapped with that of gloves
- Players are now able to send chat message even with chat off and can only add to friends/ignore list if the player exists
- Fixed npcs that were becomming stuck as busy
- Added two missing states in private messages
- Removed herring as being listed as food for kittens
- Corrected the equipment check to not use string matching and to check the equipment tab
- Fixed the misaligned posts in the first room of tutorial island
- Changed the max password length to 20, which is authentic
- Fixed poisoned addy and rune wield animations that were swapped and some minor scenery
- Corrected two clear rocks in underground pass had ids 796 and 797 initially, then became permanent 772
- Separated Rimmington and AlKharid crafting shops
- Removed the sleeping bag from the dwarven mine shop

- Added (inauthentic, moderator exclusive) behavior when using fluffs on Gertrude
- Added additional town names to the staff ::tp command
- Clean up magic item constants in Present file and ironmen/ironwomen can now use crackers on bankers to get the prizes
- Added length checks to other server files that change the password
- Added RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw world configurations
- Updated the PC game launcher to support RSC Uranium and Coleslaw
- Updated the Android client to support RSC Uranium and Coleslaw
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