Open RuneScape Classic

Striving for an open source replica RuneScape Classic, and more!

Anyone can play on the Worlds below
Each world can hold up to 2000 players

RSC Preservation2 players
RSC Cabbage2 players
RSC Uranium195 cyborgs
RSC Coleslaw31 cyborgs

Live Feed

  • RSC Coleslaw serverilovesushi has achieved level-93 in fishing!
  • RSC Coleslaw serverbgpd508 has achieved level-90 in thieving!
  • RSC Uranium serverHarder Daddy has achieved level-86 in thieving!
  • RSC Uranium serverSwavey II has achieved level-87 in strength!
  • RSC Cabbage serverJan has achieved level-95 in strength!
  • RSC Cabbage serverxabijazie has completed the Dragon slayer quest and now has 43 quest points!
  • RSC Preservation serverxerxesrex has completed the Imp catcher quest and now has 4 quest points!
  • RSC Preservation serverLyfaenia has completed the Doric's quest quest and now has 7 quest points!